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motor spin up
(20-Feb-2018, 02:57 AM)Drone0fPrey Wrote: Sometimes there are just "ghosts in the machines" lol. Ive had a couple FC that after config flew fine then went wonky for no apparent reason only to find some settings are different. Its rare but has happened. We put some rather sensitive electronics in undesirable co ditions Tongue

Strange, perfectly fine, then problems.
We need that dump file to be more help though.
The Obsession IS Real!
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Gremlins! This is a case of the gremlins...they jumped from one craft to another. Listening to what you are explaining, it seems that both had the issue develop around the same time. What change is common across your setup?
SoCal Kaity :D
OMG, no one told me it would be this much fun!  Addicted :)
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