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Heavy Lifters
Ok, here we go.

Sirius Air 3 Hero SPi-F3 FC re-installed.

I have 4 different configurator programs installed on my computer.

Betaflight, Baseflight, iNAV and Cleanflight. When last used all 4 were working perfectly.

Today Betaflight loads correctly but will not connect to the FC. Correct CP210x drivers are installed and the Port number (7) is correct. Or at least I think that is the correct driver.

Baseflight, iNAV and Cleanflight begin to load and stall halfway into the load and will progress no further.

I think I am about to scream.   Angry

I am also beginning to think there is something seriously wrong with my computer.

Next step is to uninstall and re-install the configurator programs.

Anyone got any other ideas?

I am also beginning to think I have forgotten everything that I knew about the Hero system. Particularly the drivers.   Cry

Which is the correct driver may I ask?

Howdy Boys,

I re-installed all four configurators and all worked perfectly after downloading.

When I went to reopen them all four refused to open.

So I am afraid I need some serious help. I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

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Howdy Boys,

Still no progress since the last posting.

I am now beginning to wonder if this failure to load is associated with why my DJI Naza could not connect with the Assisstant.

Monday morning first thing I am off to the computer doctor with laptop under arm for a full check up.

This is all very suspicious.   Cry

Next week should tell the story.

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