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Betaflight setup howto (Eachine Racer CC3D)
Hi, I've got an eachine racer CC3D and I am trying to update from Betaflight v2.1.6 to v2.9.0, but I don't seem to get it to work. Everything worked fine with my current setup but I was just curious about the newer versions.

What I did:
- Flashed betaflight through librepilot
- Disabled oneshot
- Calibrated esc's
- Applied mmix's
- Set CC3D yaw -90°

What am I missing? It is jumping around like a fool, but not flying?
as I learn many point that can cause a problem.. must check propeller direction, whats new after the last update need setting new PID or can use last PID, calibrated gyro/acc compass GPS (if any)

dont forget default mode.. I just experience default acro mode cant fly well cause no self level at all on quad, try horizon or angle mode
Can you post a CLI-dump?
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