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  Mr. Steele motors are bad.
Posted by: Gianpa - 1 minute ago - Forum: Mini Quad - No Replies

So, today was my  forth time I flew my Mr Steele motors and I noticed that my props were a bit wobbly, one in particular was quite a bit wobbly. I had a minor crash before and I didn't pay too much attention to it. I went home and I put new props on... Still wobbly... Then I looked at the motor and there was some play in the bell, some less some more but all of them were moving. Then after a few hours G3R FPV posted this.

Bottom line: Don't buy Mr Steele's motors.

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  Tramp HV randomly dieing
Posted by: Gianpa - 5 hours ago - Forum: Electronics - Replies (3)

So, I had some time today, strangely enough it was sunny, so I decided to go for a couple of batteries. On my 6th battery my Tramp HV decided to die mid air while I was going full speed through trees, luckily enough nothing was broken apart from a bent prop but, I mean, seriously? What could have caused it? The only thing I can think of is that it was a wet day  but... This is the second Tramp that dies on me, I'm starting to think they are not very well designed...

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  Collet adapter, should or should not use them?
Posted by: Alniko - 7 hours ago - Forum: Beginner Questions - Replies (1)

So this is going to be my first ever quadcopter build and while I was choosing the motors I came across threading.

So the motors I wanted to use (Racerstar 2212 1400kv) come with the collet adapter which I don't think are good enough.
Where as the prop adapter I wanted to use i.e. bolt-on prop adapter, couldn't be attached from those Racerstar.

Only 2205 and 2206 and above have those integrated Bolton prop adapter but they are too expensive for me.

My questions are~
1- Is there any motor that comes with or supports Bolton prop adapter but is not too expensive?

2- is there a way to use Bolton prop adapter on the Racerstar 2212 brushless motors instead of the collet prop adapter which they come with?

3- are the collet prop adapter good enough for an acrobatic Quadcopter?

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  Armattan Rooster.
Posted by: Gianpa - Today, 12:09 AM - Forum: Mini Quad - Replies (2)

I need one now  Cry

I don't think I can wait until it gets released...

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  Options for homebrewing 3d?
Posted by: TravellerC - Yesterday, 09:07 PM - Forum: FPV Gear - Replies (3)

I'm trying to find a good way to transmit two video images using one transmitter, like the BlackBird 2 does, but with my own choice of cameras (so I can use a shorter focal length + mount them much farther apart).  I'll be digitizing the image eventually, but transmitting it over 5.8.

Is it possible to remove the cameras from the BlackBird 2 board and attach wires from other cameras in their place?  Is there a simple piece of electronics I can use to take two inputs and interlace them?  My Google-fu is weak on that subject.  I'm mostly a software guy - so while I know that building electronics from scratch to interlace a couple of composite signals is possible, anything past soldering is a bit beyond me Smile


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  Weird issue going on......
Posted by: DannyZ - Yesterday, 09:02 PM - Forum: General Multirotors Talk - Replies (5)

5 inch Alien
Full KISS set up

Machine ran great all spring, mid July had a light tumble onto a gravel road.
Replaced props, noticed ossolation around mid throttle punch.......

Replaced motors and props, noticed a little improvement.......

Played with data logger and set notch filters accordingly, again maybe a little improvement, not a whole lot.........

I have been flying it all summer and fall because it has been more of a nusciense than an outright problem.

Fast forward to yesterday, started up like normal, dropped goggles on, armed up, went to lift off and the quad flipped itself over, right into a little mud spot, not submerged in water and mud, just enough to cover the front end enough that I had to do a little disassembly to clean it up.

I took it out today, and the vibration is s LOT worse and when in forward flight there is a sound like a blade is fluttering........

Changed props same thing, the gap between the motor bells and bases looks ok, can't see any missing magnets (Emax 2205 2350 motors)

Ext up is a complete teardown I think, also, as far as I can tell all solder joints look ok, but need to take it apart to inspect for damage.

Any thoughts are appreciated !
Danny Z

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  Talon ESCs & Battery Strap
Posted by: Carl.Vegas - Yesterday, 01:53 PM - Forum: Mini Quad - Replies (6)

Hey Guys, 

So tehStien already needs yet another frame... The version of the Martian III that I got was a knockoff (did you know that there are actually clones of RealACC frames out there? LOL!... no really... and they're actually significantly lower quality too). I knew it was a knockoff but I got it anyway because I was able to order it domestically. The problem is not everything lines up quite right and the supports for the camera wont go in the holes correctly. I got it together the first time but recently when trying to re-mount the stack (ugh nylon standoffs... kill em!) I was unable to get everything back together. 

So now I am thinking about a new frame. Maybe a talon (on Campy's recommendation). 

Anybody used a talon frame with individual ESCs on arms (rather than AIO)? I've seen pictures of it and it looks like they place OK but before I invest $115 in a new frame I figured I'd ask for feedback.

here is one photo I've found:

Also... I don't see a spot for a battery strap on the bottom and for some reason no one likes to take pictures of this frame with a battery strapped on Doh Where does the strap go?

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  fvas showing 17v on 3s randomly & can't arm
Posted by: Redazu - Yesterday, 07:28 AM - Forum: Brushless Micro Quad - Replies (5)

Randomly over the last week my quad has started to act strange. For example I'll fly around a bit and then land and maybe talk to a friend for like 30 seconds while it's sitting on the ground disarmed. Then it suddenly starts making the last 2 beeps as if I had just plugged it up again or sometimes only 1 beep and then my taranis reads something like 15-17v ( and this is on 3s so there's no way in hell lol ) and seems to freeze up like that and it won't arm or do anything. I have to unplug it and turn off taranis and back on again and sometimes it just does that immediately again, or will display RSSI but no voltage at all and be unresponsive. It's happened a few times over the week but tonight I turned both off and back on 4 times and it wouldn't ever stop doing that. I left both off for a few minutes and tried again and it connected and was working as normal again. No clue what the heck is going on Sad

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  Similar? Ummagawd Remix vs GEPRC KX5
Posted by: Oscar - 16-Nov-2017, 11:20 PM - Forum: Mini Quad - Replies (5)

Just saw this new frame, Ummagawd Remix from Rotor Riot... 

And it really minds me of the GepRC KX5 that has been around for a while...

Are chinese frames getting cloned? ROFL Rolleyes
But I am sure the Remix is a much better frame with the improved design!

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  FuriBee F90 Wasp SP F3 EVO pinout?
Posted by: ericje - 16-Nov-2017, 10:26 PM - Forum: Flight Controller - Replies (3)


trying to get an FlySky PPM receiver to talk to the Wasp's FC. The original receiver was a DSMX receiver, but I don't have a compatible transmitter.

Connecting the wires on the same pins did not work, probably because the DSXM was powered by 3.3V, and the FlySky eats 5V.

The picture shows the FlySky receiver laying on top of the original DSMX one, with the DSMX one still wired to the FC. I found that the pin in between the black and the white wire is a regulated 5V pin, so I connected the red wire of the FlySky receiver there.

But alas, no luck. No receiver signal in Betaflight, also not with the IBUS protocol selected, but that was to be expected with a PPM receiver  Wink. And yes, I have PPM set to ON on my transmitter, and the binding process appears to have worked.

Should I perhaps wire the white wire to the pin next to the battery input wires? I do not measure anything on that pin, so that could be an input pin, right? Maybe for PPM?
Does anybody know the pinout for this particular board? It apperars to be brand-specific.

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