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  i think it's just me (acro and FPV)
Posted by: aeroluxifer - 10 hours ago - Forum: Beginner Questions - Replies (3)

A little quick background: I was having trouble getting a social life after i moved from NYC to upstate new york. I really hate joining things, but I like being bossy, so instead I created a drone meetup group. My flying skills/knowledge were so poor that I was regularly crashing phantoms. I didn't really know what FPV is/was. My first meetup group meeting was a revelation; these amazing young male pilots showed up and literally blew my mind with their piloting skills and the fact that they had built their own quads. 

OK, long story and all that: i wanted (want) to do that. 

Here's where I am now: I can fly acro LOS. I can fly FPV in angle/horizon. But I CANNOT fly acro FPV.

I've tried simulators, flipping modes midair, etc. Nothing works.

Any advice?


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  New guy
Posted by: ralo36 - Today, 04:32 AM - Forum: Welcome To The Forum - Replies (2)

Hello everyone .I have been flying multirotors for about six months now and decided it would be a good idea to join a forum since this is something I like.A little about me, I am originally from NYC ,I have previously served in the  Navy for 9 years and now I reside in Atlanta as a boiler operator.This hobby originally caught my eye because  I was looking for something easy to learn how to fly so I picked up a Blade nano qx and soon after I realized how deep this hobby really is.So now I am on my 3rd quad which is a Superlight 4r and I am also waiting on a Furibee x215  that Gearbest just released to come in the mail.I am all into to this and hopefully I will have a good time interacting with you all in this forum too.

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  BFight 210 -LIGHTWEIGHT!! w/Brushless Omnibus F3 OSD 30a Dshot 2205
Posted by: Danq0 - Today, 02:02 AM - Forum: Mini Quad - No Replies

One of the best bang for your buck quadcopters out right now. This quad is amazing!

The reason why this thing performs so good, is heavily due to the weight, this thing is LIGHT!

Switchable VTX that you can change through your radio
Very clear camera image 

other than some bad luck, I cant think of any cons on this, especially for the price, youre getting a really great quad

Coupon codes:
Bfight210 FLYSKY 2A
Bfight210 frSKY
BFight 210 DSMX

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  New to tuning
Posted by: Skypup831 - Today, 12:21 AM - Forum: Tuning Clinic - Replies (1)

I am pretty new at this.  I'm trying to tune my hyperbaby 3".  This is where I am so far.  Seem to be chasing the propwash all over the place. I'm having trouble feeling and hearing the difference between p and d oscillations and brought my I too high I think, I was trying to fix some bounceback, but I think I should have raised d not I.  The vid didn't record this run, and I only have the one bbl since 8mb goes really fast.  How fast do I need to log to be useful?  I'm at 4k now.

Thanks in advance!

Betaflight 3.2
DYS 3045 props,
 1407-3600kv motors, 
speedix 20A esc with 330uf on each,
 850mah 70C batt. 

Battery on bottom, soft mounted motors and fc.  Dynamic filter on, and notches off, antigravity on, airmode on.


Attached Files
.txt   DumpSep23.txt (Size: 14.52 KB / Downloads: 4)
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  rx to tx bind help
Posted by: Koopyetz - Yesterday, 09:05 PM - Forum: General Multirotors Talk - Replies (5)

I'm attempting to bind a used dsm2 sat( from my cp helicopter ) to my dx6i . So far it hasn't gone into bind mode.
I used a volt meter and have 3.3v on my flip32 f4 board at port where rx plugs in.

In Betaflight I have :
On port tab UART1 for serial rx ( on ) and USB VCP ( on).
Config tab spektrum1024
Receiver tab jr/spektrum/graupner

In CLI I typed
set spektrum_sat_bind_autorst=0 ( enter )
save ( enter )

Ive tried this with and without flight battery plugged in.
I do have another used dsm2 sat I could try.
Finally ,  I have a green steady light that comes on and a blue light that comes on and flashes. 
What is blue light indicating?
On next attempt do I retype the CLI command . Is there way in CLI to check if my command is saved.

Thank you for your help

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  Eachine EV100 External FS Module Mod
Posted by: sloscotty - Yesterday, 06:22 PM - Forum: FPV Gear - Replies (3)

Yup, someone's already done this.  Found this on YT while looking for something else.  Looks like an easy mod that doesn't actually remove the original functionality.

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  QAV210 Charpu Upgrade - Recommendations....
Posted by: hendrixhughes - Yesterday, 10:53 AM - Forum: Mini Quad - Replies (6)

Hi All,

Since building the Chameleon, my old rig has been gathering dust.  I really love the Charpu frame - it's tough as nails. Currently fitted with Naze32, 2204/2300 motors, DYS 20A Blheli.  The motors are pretty much knackered.  Looking on getting it back in the air for not so much money....

I've got 4x Armattan 20A Dshot ESCs and am looking for motor recommendations.  BG has 4x RS2205 for £35 - are these any good?  I've got the RS2306/2400 on the Chameleon and I love them.

I will upgrade the FC - either taking the BFF3 out the Chameleon when the F4 is available, or might go for something like the Matek405, or maybe even the BFF3 clone from BG as I don't want to muck about with inverted signal mods etc.

Thought and recommendations?

Many thanks,

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  Greeting from the north
Posted by: flightmode0 - Yesterday, 07:58 AM - Forum: Welcome To The Forum - Replies (2)


I have only just started into this hobby.

Started out with a camera-less brushed X4 Plus 107P with the excuse it was for me and my sisters son. Flew this one mostly indoors  and a few times at my parents rural property.

Bought a Drone UK magazine while on vacation on the airport and read about the DYS ELF and betaflight. Bought two DYS ELFs from Germany and a Taranis X9 radio. Got a pair of inexpensive googles.

Modified this ELF with a new carbon frame and a longer VTX antenna.

Kept ending up on Oscars page for a of information and noticed he linked this forum - and now I have joined.

Living in the north of Europe.

Like tinkering and fiddling around. Work as a tool maker.

Living in a rather built up area so I guess I will stay with small quads - have been mapping the city for the last few weeks to find places where you can fly without disturbing or being disturbed.

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  Camera Switcher with betaflight
Posted by: flightmode0 - 22-Sep-2017, 06:11 AM - Forum: FPV Gear - Replies (12)

I have a minicube F3. Can I configure betaflight to output pwm on a pin to control a camera switcher(from switch on taranis)
Can the led pin be repurposed?
Other possibilities?

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  Amazon Scam Underway
Posted by: sloscotty - 19-Sep-2017, 08:51 PM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (2)

Hey All,
Saw this on Facebook.  Beware of your emails that look like they are from Amazon.


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