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Reliable RC Parts Shops Vendors - World Wide
I would recommend a  Exclamation for MassiveRC. I ordered props from them a while back after suggestion from a friend. They shipped me 6" props when I ordered 5". I contacted them about the mistake and asked if I could get a refund or just exchange for the correct props. No response. I followed up with a reminder email. Never any response.  Angry
(04-16-2016, 11:23 PM)Jordan Marinov Wrote: Heart PiroFlipRC - http://pirofliprc.com - often shipment arrives next day in SoCal. Sergio is well know in the local scene. The customer service is superb.

I ordered 5 motors from pirofliprc, they were sent in mini-grips in an envelope, overseas... kind of a surprise only 1 was totally crushed (couldn't spin by hand), 1 had damaged bearings, 3 were fine. Can't say anything about support though, didn't bother.

1 suggestion for EU/Germany:

Smartshapes Heart

Excellent quality frame manufacturer. I got several but can especially recommend the latest rush210 and rage210.
Simi Valley, CA USA

ordered motors, escs and a frame from here, came packaged safely in a box with plenty of padding. even got free battery straps
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