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Realacc X210 Pro Frame Review
I forgot to take photos during the build, but here is one. It is not the best picture, so I'm sorry for that.

The Micro minimosd (the blue heat shrinked piece) is soldered up with wires with connectors for easy connection to an FTDI adapter in case I need to flash it. It is already flashed with mwosd and I have tested the serial passthrough function in betaflight, which works good but it is a bit slow when configuring the osd with the mwosd chrome gui.

4x470uf 25v low esr Panasonic capacitors are installed on the ESCs. due to not so much space on the front arms, I had to install thos two on the PDBs ESC pads instead on directly to the ESCs.

The OSD is hot-glued to the FC, while the receiver is hot glued to the frame in the small room between the FC and LED plate.

The runcam swift has been fitted with a 2.1mm swift lens from banggood. It looks like it is quite similar to the gopro lens in picture quality and FOV.

The LEDs are soldered to the 5V pads and the colors can be changed with the dip-switches. The white cable tie is for one of the antennas. the other antenna will point up.

I didn't want to cut the motor cables because I haven't decided yet if I'm using those motors on a different build in the future so they are just taped to the underside of the arms.

The buzzer is double sided taped to the capacitors and the small, white connector right next to it is the camera-OSD configuration plug.

The finished build. The motors are spinning the opposite way of what is normal. I did this in an atempt to prevent the antenna that points backwards to get tangeled up in the propellers.

Woho! I finally got myself a gopro! I am going to get a proper holder for it later, but for now, I had to use the case that came with the camera. It might be that I will design one that uses the two standoffs on top, so it will be adjustable.
BTW, it looks like the Xracer F303 V3.1 is capable of running 8k/8k with accelerometer turned of in betaflight 3.1.0 again. the CPU usage is about 36-40%.

I tried the quad with Dshot600, and it flew fine, but there is a small ticking noise when doing fast throttle movements when I was LOS-flying. I haven't removed the capacitor on the Racerstar 35A v2 escs yet, so that might be the issue.

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