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Problems with arming
Hi guys,

I'm new here and I finally finished my first racing drone build. Everything works fine, except for the following software problem:

I can see all correct transmitter values in betaflight. When I switch to ARM mode all motors start to rotate, but I don't get any changing values when I move the sticks anymore. The motors are spinning constantly and the other switch returns changing values when I move it. Is that normal in ARM mode?

To take off I have to switch to ARM mode, so the motors start to spin constantly. Then I have to increase the throttle a little bit and switch ARM back to zero. And only after switching ARM back the motors are spinning faster and I can control the quad with the sticks.
Arming only with sticks is not possible.

I have recorded a video of it to make it clear:

Thank you for your help! Smile
When you connect to configurator, the flight controller will not arm, therefore you don't have stick movement. Everything looks fine. Disconnect from computer, put props on, arm and take off. It should work.
I have disconnected the quad but I still have the same issue.

Arming with sticks is still not possible and I still have to do the steps described in my video to take off.

What else could I try?
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Have you tried reversing the switch you are using to arm?
Are you running betaflight 3.2 or later. If so, can you post the "status" results from CLI?