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Need a little help with noisy video only when on throttle. Thanks!
I just recently built a DalRC XR215 using the included PDB, Eachine VTX, Foxeer Arrow v3, Emax rs2205, and Racerstar 20a esc. I used a Eachine camera for a few days and it didn't have lines but color was bleached out so I installed my Foxeer camera with a 4 pin cable instead of the 7 pin cause I am waiting for a new cable. The 4 pin cable has VCC, ground, audio, and video it just don't have the osd, osd ground , and voltage sensor wires. Anyway I also started using a pigtail on VTX instead of right angle. I did add signal ground wires to all esc and they didn't have any before on same esc's when on my Wizard. I know that this is alot to consider but just a idea where to start would be great! Arrrrggghhh I had zero issues for months now everytime I replace something I another issue comes up! Thanks for any help or advice!
What source are you using to power your camera?
Hey thanks for the reply! I just got it figured out yesterday! I just made the VTX and Camera share the VTX ground. No more lines!
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