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Eachine E010 Taranis, easy mod fpv


The Eachine E010 is a small quad principally for indoor flight. The small changes made, you will fly with your Taranis in Fpv.
The machine comes with a small radio-type "toy", a USB charger, 4 propellers reserve and a lipo battery 150 mah 1s 30c.

With the use of multi-protocol transmission module, you will be able to control your E010 with much greater precision than that experienced with the original radio. 
With radio that provided the flight is entirely possible but not at all accurate.

The placement of the transmission module is very simple and done quickly. Simply remove the back cover of your Taranis and clip it to the intended location.

Before your Taranis with your E010 well check the following settings in your radio:
  • Hf on external PPM mode
  • channel range: CH1-12
  • Order of ERTA routes

mod Fpv

To take advantage of this beautiful little quad fpv, I added to it a combo cam / vtx I regained my Nano Qx fpv. 
I have also used the original connectivity of the combo I welded on the E010 of the plate directly on the battery supply (on the top). 
Of course you will find several different combo models that can easily be attached.

I performed the installation of the camera very simply with a small piece of double-sided and a strap. 
It is also possible to print a 3D part, and to have a totally suitable support.
The installation performed is simple, basic and very light.
The small behaves comfortably in flight and is very accurate. On the side of autonomy, with the mod fpv, I 3min30 with lipo. Which is more than correct.

Video review (in french)


If you want to make fpv in indoor cheaply, with a small simple machine that you can evolve, the E010 is for vous.
L 'well-known that is the equivalent inductrix fpv will cost almost 3 times the price. 
Personally I find this really nice machine and I'm going to recommend batteries to prolong the good times

Good flights to all 

Review by Redeos for Pimousse.be website
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  • Tom BD Bad, Akuwu, Oscar
awesome post..thanks for taking the time bro
Thx for your comment mate
https://pimousse.be/ Belgian FPV & Aeromodelism 
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