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Dys 18A 4 in 1 esc
I have a and I’m trying to get the above esc stack wired to it..I have all the cables but I’m not totally sure on the power..the esc’s seem straightforward..the current and power imunsure of?
I can post pic of my board if it Helps?
On this esc,,where vbat and current is,,,vbat should be full battery?and current is?not sure where to connect to fc?trying to attach pic but it’s saying too big
Yes vbat is lipo + .current is a signal wire coming form the current sensor and goes to fc current pad.
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ok here is how i wired it//motor 1 2 3 4 to same as on f4 nano..
then on esc where power is..i put 5v to current and on battery positive i plugged to vbat and then ground..now no leds light up on fc?
no bootup in betaflight and board gets hot?

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To current on fc you put 5v?? The current wire that goes to fc is a signal(maybe 3v max ) ,not a power wire. I have no experience on your fc but i think that it is powered via vbat pad if is a direct lipo powered fc.
(14-Dec-2017, 09:19 AM)jimbo_wa Wrote: That's why I'm keeping an eye on it - need someone to get it and work it out! Smile

Thumbs Uphttp://intofpv.com/t-fvt-cloudphoenix-12...2-3-4s-esc
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