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Kiss fc + xm20 problem
I am building my first quad, I have a strange behaviour.
When I plug the battery with the quad disarmed, motors 2 and 3 start spinning fast, motor 3 spin slow, motor 1 not spinning. If I arm the quad, only motor 1 seems to respond to commands.

If I change the configuration in kiss gui and deactivate oneshot 125, everything seems ok (even if I never tried to fly yet ).

I have not calibrated the escs yet, I've configure all escs one by one setting the min throttle to 1020 and max to 1980, plus setting two motor 'reverse'

Any suggestion?
Thanks Big Grin
I would start off by calibrating the ESCs with one shot125 activated in the Kiss FC. Here is a link to some useful information: https://oscarliang.com/kiss-fc-blheli-esc/
After escs calibration the problem disappear thanks.

Anyway in acro mod if I give half throttle and then back to 0, motors keep accelerating. This is not happening in level mode.
Shouldn't be the opposite? Is this behaviour normal?
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