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DIY Dummy Load for Discharging LiPo battery
Has anyone ever built a dummy load for discharging lipo with dual channel chargers? If so, any tips and what Parts are required?
I've built a separate constant current dummy load for this purpose. How fast you want to discharge them?
At 1C so let's say in this case at around 10A and I'm happy. I use 1300mah and 1800mah lipos
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That will be around 150-160W per channel. You won't get away without some serious cooling.
You need a load around 2ohm, that can take 200W at minimum. If you connect 10 pieces of 15ohm, 50W resistor in parallel, you'll get 1.5ohm with 500W capability on paper. Of course you'll have to use one or two fans to take the heat from the resistors.
I use this discharger. You can connect a parallell board and discharge several batteries quite quick

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