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A couple equipment questions...
Can you post a screen shot of your ports tab (from betaflight), and your configuration tab?
Okay, new ball game!  I just flashed betaflight 3.1.7, I have controls but all screwed up and no standard mapping will fix.  Looks like mode 1 on the tx, I'm investigating.
Thanks for the help on this, I will keep you posted.

Update: Throttle is on right stick (pitch)
Yaw is correct on left stick
Aileron is on left stick (throttle)
Pitch is on right stick (aileron)

Serial port uart3 for RX
Spektrum serial

This is what you get when you try to use a 8 year old transmitter/RX I expect.

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Okay fixed it appears, still working on end points throw percentages. Map set to TAER1234

I noticed that in Config Tab: RSSI_ADC was on.
Went to Receiver Tab and set RSSI Channel to 1
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Glad to hear you got it working!
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Just made first flight LOS, had my wife running the FatShark but must have done something wrong, no recording. I was using the battery for the 350QX 2200 mah 3S, little heavy but it flew good, gonna take some learning. I have the correct size batteries coming. Guess I didn't need the RX after all, 8 year old tech works, LOL.

thanks all for the tips and help
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Love a success story, Go get 'em Tiger!
Windless fields and smokeless builds
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(08-Aug-2017, 06:23 PM)Tiger_one Wrote: According to that diagram, the uart3 headers the + is 3.3v, I checked it and thought it was 5v, but my vom smallest scale is 60v dc.  Would have saved me some time looking for the 3.3v pad on back.

Thanks for the manual.

Guess you already got it working. I don't know why, but email notifications when someone reply doesn't work seem to work for me. Anyway, according to the manual, you can use 3.3V devices to connect to UART3 header. It does not actually say that the + next to UART3 is 3.3v. That + pin is colored red, so 5V. On top, next to the boot pin is a 3.3v pad.
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Yes got it running. Thanks. Still LOS, getting some interference in the Video is that normal?

FatShark view on left, new to this video editor and got the two timelines off a bit in the two videos.

Some interference is normal, but those flickers in the vid are quite strong. Make sure you got the right band set on the vtx - you might still get a signal if you're on the wrong band and the next closest frequency.
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The interference is probably caused by the metal fence, I have similar interference flying close to fences or metal posts.
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yeah I would say that's about moderate badness on the video problems... It's probably a little worse than it should be but not as bad as I've had before from various issues.
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Thanks a bunch for the replies. I just flew with 1300mah 3S (been using the 2200mah 3S that I use with the Blade 350QX), big difference, in that punch out is about double and hardly any throttle just cruising around LOS.

Didn't weigh the two batteries, but big difference in weight. Probably easier to fly with the heavier battery for first time, as it is a bit sluggish and slower reacting. I really like this quad, very smooth and fast!
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