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Shorten Taranis Sticks
Has anyone shortened the length of the sticks on the Taranis?

I'm persistently having my thumbs slip off the sticks when I'm flying, super awkward in races... 

I've realised that the sticks on the taranis are just a bit too long, to a point my thumb is awkwardly bent in order for me to fly - causing it to slip off.
Anyone got a solution?
solution 1:
I removed the pointy parts and the set screws to reduce the height. To really shorten them you have to remove the set screw and thread that hole to 3mm and bottom the skirt out on the gimbal face.

solution 2:
You can buy new sticks on amazon that are sharper also

Solution 3:
Go get some aluminium PlayStation pads, remove the top bit of the sticks and covered with with paw pads. Nice and comfortable and no slips
I use the flysky FS-i6 sticks on my taranis. the spikes are much sharper than the stock taranis ones. I think they have them on banggood
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