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second opinion on battery damage after crash
I just started flying a new build, an X-frame with the lipo strapped to the bottom. Now on a number of occasions already, I've scraped and landed on lipos harsher than I would like due to bad landing or simply crashing. I'm not worried about most of them, it's just scratches, but one was a bit skewed after a crash. It wasn't warm or hot and it hasn't puffed, but I'd appreciate a visual second opinion from you lovely lot.
I'm flying Turnigy Graphenes btw and they're relatively well-protected.

See the pics below. Should I be worried or extra vigilant of this lipo? Thanks!

At most, vigilance is probably enough. If you want that protective plate on there, you could remove the old heat-shrink, put it back in place and add new heat-shrink. (I'd just get rid of the plate myself.) If the battery charges OK, I'd say use it and forget it.

Or you could put a piece of wide tape over the end if it faces forward.
If cells aren't damaged, then just bend it back into its normal square form and keep on using it.
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Thanks for the input. It's as I suspected but I'd so very much like to keep my track record of surprise in-the-face explosions at zero. Tnx!

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