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Possible TX problem - Suggestions please!
Something strange happened this morning. I was flying my Vortex 250 Pro and finished the 1st battery and landed it. After disconnecting the battery and plugging in the next battery, I started to get a steady beep. I noticed that the menu on the OSD of my goggles was displaying. I could kind of control it but it seems like it was hap-hazard.

After testing for a while, it somehow went into TX search mode. I had to plug the quad into my computer and set the TX from AutoDiscover to Spektrum 2400. Once I did that, it went into the setup wizard.

I was having trouble getting past the wizard and it seemed that the elevator/yaw control on the TX was the problem Nothing I did in setup made a difference. I was concerned that maybe this was an issue with the RX since I had done a premature landing (i.e. crash) into some wet grass. I don't think the crash had any effect because after that I was able to re-arm and fly a normal flight on my first battery.

Next, I tried using the same TX (a Spektrum Dx6i by the way) with 2 other quads. One is a Blade QX-250 and the other is an Inductrix FPV. The flight controls on both of these were way off and it seems that there was no Yaw control.

My guess is that something fried in the TX. I've had it for quite a few years.

My question is this...

If it seems like this is the issue, I was going to upgrade anyway. If I go with another type like a Taranis, what RX would you recommend? The other thing I was looking into was a Dx9 but they are pretty pricy.

Any suggestions or advice?
You might see if there is a firmware update for your DX6i and try that. Just be aware that if you switch to a Taranis, you won't be able to fly your QX-250 or your Inductrix with it, unless you also buy a Spektrum or OrangeRX module for the Taranis.
Question for you because of the mention of wet grass... Is your Rx inside of the body or do you have it mounted on the tail?

I did it both ways on mine, but when it was mounted on the tail I kept having to put things back together and eventually ended up with some damage and had to replace it.

I ask because if it's in the body then it's not likely that the grass would have caused much of a problem if it's still got the sides on it. That's one thing that I do like about the Vortex, you could practically fly that thing in the rain if you wanted and if the FPV camera wouldn't get wet making it difficult to see

To Scotty's point above... it's not easy to get a hold of an OrangeRX... They're out there but often it's tough to find them in stock at a realistic price. It's the reason I don't have one and an Inductrix yet.
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The dx6i is relatively easy to take apart, maybe it's just a wire ripped off somewhere?
(12-Aug-2017, 09:58 AM)fftunes Wrote: The dx6i is relatively easy to take apart, maybe it's just a wire ripped off somewhere?

The RX is inside the Quad so I doubt it got wet, but the proof is that 2 other quads would not fly with the same TX.

I'll take a look inside the DX6i. I have nothing to lose at this point.

Anyway, the local hobby store has a lot of Spektrum radios and recommended the Dx8. I have a lot of Spektrum receivers in quads and airplanes so it makes sense to say in that family. Also, the DX8 has some nice features, so I think that's the direction I'm going in.

Thanks for all of the replies.
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Could also be the potentiometer came loose or broke... could also try to fix that, or replace the whole gimbal.

I read that dx5 radios can be bought as cheap as 5$ (ebay) without the transmitter module (from people who use dx5 modules to build their own modules for other radios) but i don't know if the gimbals are exactly the same...
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