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LIPO Greatmax

We got there a little bit of a special request of the manufacturer of LIPO Greatmax via the website contact form.

We did not know this manufacturer from China.
Currently there are no distributors in Europe.
The main market Greatmax is focused for now on USA.
It took me search the net before falling on this video which sums Corporate very well how LIPO are made.

We accepted and the manufacturer put at my disposal two copies of 1300mAh 4s model 65C, just to compare with other Lipos.
The other copy was tested by Loke-3p  and the article is available  here !

They were eerily reminiscent to another brand!

The dimensions Greatmax  are 72,8mm x 33,9mm x 30,4mm and weighs 149gr.

Compared to 167gr of tattu 1300 and the dimensions of 72mm x 34mm x 28mm

And 155gr of Bonka and dimensions of 34mm x 75,9mm x 31,5mm, the gain is obvious!

Visual comparison of lipos

The weight difference is explained by several factors!
1 / Greatmax uses lipo 14AWG cable or the Tattu Bonka and use them logically
given the current consumption of our configurations 12AWG.
2 / The protective foam implementation at the cell connection is lower on the Greatmax compared to the other 2.
3 / The cable length.

First test of the Greatmax in flight:
Before you do a more thorough comparison, I decided to make a flight test of the Greatmax (lapped) to enjoy the feeling and performance! Of course the same configuration will be used for testing (armattan RaceSpec) the review & build will happen soon, it has the f3v4 FULL AIO card with a current sensor! the motors are Brother Hobby Returner R3 2206-2600kv - Esc 30 amp bee multishot with bladed HQ DPS1 5x4x3.
The feeling on the first flight is really excellent and the performance really surprised me!
What really surprised me was the constant power available from the beginning to the end of the cycle of lipo, or the Bonka collapses on the performance end of the cycle, here is ultra-linear.
No abnormal heat or swelling was observed on 10 cycles I've done with.
Weight gain it brings compared with respect to the Tattu and Bonka is also very significant.
It is definitely on quality LIPO equivalent to leading brands.

Here's the video of the first test flight!

flight comparison GreatMax / Tattu / Bonka (DVR FatShark)

The video above is used to compare the behavior of cells of each brand according to the flight time.
I checked the temperature of lipos after each flight to compare!
Comparative made 3 flights on the same day with an outside temperature of -1 °.
Greatmax 1300mah
Flight time: 3min 30 to 26 degrees
Tattu 1300mah
Flight time: 3min 18 to 27.8 degrees
Bonka 1300mah
Flight time: 2min 57 to 32.8 degrees
inflated late flight ...

For the price you running around $ 15 without shipping cost. From China, I can not imagine with the regulations for LIPO what it would mean to bring 5 pieces.
A great alternative to the large known brands to date!

Quick reminder

The table of minimum voltage limits for your LIPO!

A little trick if your card has flight buzzer to warn you that you are 10%.
The buzzer available here LIPO LIPO BUZZER

The operating principle is very simple, just plug the buzzer to your LIPO via decision balancing and fix it with Velcro or elastic.
And to control the voltage and display other characteristics we advise you this:
The cellmeter available here  CellMeter

Review by MikelFPV for Pimousse.be website
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