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Flycolor Raptor BLHeli_S 2 - 4S 30A OPTO Brushless ESC
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This is a Flycolor Raptor BLHeli_S  2 - 4S 30A OPTO Brushless ESC and was provided to me by GEARBEST for review.  They came four to a package and included a very complete set of user instructions and info

 Commonly Advertised Features:

Fast: MCU with an operating frequency of 50MHz.

Small and light:  6.3g at 29 x 12.5 x 5mm.

BLHeli-S firmware:  Reduces response time and deadband of throttle, makes motor rotation more sustainable, and effectively reduces the noise of motors.
Adjustable speed: It supports the common 1 - 2ms pulse-width input, Oneshot125 ( 125 - 250us ), Oneshot42 ( 41.7 - 83.3us ) and Multishot ( 5 - 25us -  Outstanding compatibility with high KV motors. Maximum speed – up to 500k eRPM. DShot150, DShot300, DShot600 are also available.

Damped Light Mode: In this mode, power is withdrawn automatically during deceleration to improve the flight efficiency. As a result, the motor responds more rapidly and stability is improved

Anti-electromagnetic interference: Twisted-pair cable can effectively diminish the electromagnetic interference when signals pass through wires.
First Impressions:
They’re small….really small (29 x 12.5 x 5mm) and only 6.3 grams. I have them mounted on my latest build (Tweaker5) and they fit easily.  They would also fit my 160 with no problems at all.

Quality of construction seems first rate using an intelligent layout.  Solder tabs are extended and exposed for easy access.
The documentation was concise and clear….which is a rarity in itself!

According to the user instructions that were provided with units I received, these ESC’s provide support for Oneshot 125&42 and MultiShot.  No mention is made about Dshot.  However, on the GEARBEST website it states that support for Dshot150, 300 & 600 is provided by these ESC’s. The ESC’s provided were preloaded with BLheli_”A_H_40” revision “16.3”.  When I went to update them with the latest version the following warning showed up:

Using pass through, I flashed them anyway and there were no issues.

These allow for bidirectional motor rotation (for all the 3D guys out there).

Motor response is very smooth and quick. 
These are by far the best ESC’s I have used to date.  They are small, light, well made and easy to solder to.  The fact they allow bidirectional rotation allows me to venture into 3D flying if I want to at some point (yeah……like THAT’S ever going to happen).

I cannot speak to longevity or reliability because I have not had them long enough.  However, I have not heard of any significant problems with them.
That’s about it.  Knowing what I know at this point, I would not hesitate to purchase these for my next build.
"Damn the torpedoes!!!  Full speed ahead!!!"
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