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ZMR210R Racing Quad
(22-Nov-2016, 10:00 AM)Grisha0 Wrote: Hi,
the frame looks nice, few ideas/comments
- Add a camera mount already angled (most of vendors are adding the camera plate that is flat, not angled this design has none)
- shorten the cage (currently there is very large amount of blank space
- on the builded quads i see vtx antenna standing outside of some custom component (mounted on back of the quad probably on standoffs) is it part of the frame or custom built ?

Appreciate a lot for your comments. 
1. The current design with a camera mount for Foxeer Arrow V2 HS1190 or Runcam swift. We also have an optional 3D Printed GoPro mount for your choice, it is included in the ZMR210R ARF, but not included in the frame kit.
2. The cage really depends on the person. Some pilots prefer short cage, some prefer more plenty of room. Actually we have a new desgin of a short cage, under testing, will post the information here by then. Smile
3. It is a custom 3D prinited built to fit our coming new 48 ch Dragonfly Vtx.

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