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Workbox - movable mini workshop

I recently have been in the IKEA and saw their wall tool organizers. You know, these flat things with a lot of holes, where tools are expected to be hooked:

I always wanted something like this, because currently all my tools are stored in a set of boxes and every time I want to do something I need to unpack all, and then pack all back when I'm done. This takes a lot of time.

So I thought "hm, that thing... If only it movable!". And why not:

The idea to have whole workplace together with tools to be movable. When I want to work on something, I just take whole thing from the storage room to the living room, and then, when I'm done, I can move it together with project I'm working on back to storage room. So, I excluded the unpack/pack part.
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Great idea! Really convenient.

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