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Wierd Signal Issue
When flying, my video signal cut out during a roll and has not come on since. I cant seem to get a signal in my goggles. Why would my signal just cut out mid-flight? The lights on the transmitter are on which suggest that it is working. Help would be appreceated.
Any possibility that the channel or frequency of your vtx was changed somehow? I had this problem and it turned out the battery strap was across my vtx and it compressed the button and changed the channel
I have the quanum cyclops and I use the autoscan reciever and it does not detect any signal.
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just wondering, is your VRX one of those 40-channel ones? Just want to make sure it does support all the bands your VTX uses?
have you tried a different channel/band?
have you checked using a different VRX? (or ask a friend to check it for you?) and do you have a different VTX to check, making sure your VRX is working?
A better FPV'er than LOS'er :) -- My Fleet
They are on the same bands. I tried every band. I should probobly go check with somebody to see if they can recieve the signal. If not, than I should probably replace the vtx. Thanks.
It's possible that the voltage spikes during extreme acro burnt out some part of your VTX (the transmitting/video procession part), although the LED on it still appear to work correctly.
Do you power the VTX directly from the battery?
A better FPV'er than LOS'er :) -- My Fleet
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I power the vtx using the 12 volt on my pdb, but it is not the best PDB so that could be it. I do have another 12 volt power filter I could put on but that wont fix it if my vtx is burnt out. Maybe I should upgrade my pdb.
Since you loose the picture when doing a roll, I would also guess it has something to do with excessive voltage spikes from the escs. You could try to add a low esr capacitor to the battery pads on your pdb. Rubycon capacitors has worked good for me and I use a 470uf on each esc, but you can probably get away with one 1000uf 25v cap

What pdb and escs are you using?
My PDB is here - http://www.readytoflyquads.com/rtf-v7-3-...r-powe-hub
My ESCs are DYS xm20
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I hooked my multimeter up to the 12v on the PDB, took the props off and did some rapid throttle changing. I did not notice the voltage fluxuating alot at all. It varied by about .02 volts.
There is no load without props, so I'm pretty sure you will not get the same problems on the bench as in the air. Also, you will need an oscilloscope to be able to measure the voltage spikes. A standard voltmeter is not fast enough.
Okay, I talked with an electrical engineer at robotics today and he gave me a simple test to do which told me that the vtx is burnt out because of a short. Looking closely i can see that the wire neer the solder joint is capable of moving and shorting it out. Guess I just have to buy a new vtx.
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Ah, now I see. I missread your first post and thought the video very t black and then came back again, but it is completely gone, right? Good to hear that you found what was wrong

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