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Why KISS ESC doesn't need calibration?
Why do they say KISS ESC's don't need to be calibrated?
Is it bad to calibrate them? I'm having some issues and I think/hope calibration might fix it
From the manual : Since the KISS24A RE have very accurate resonators, a throttle calibration isn’t really needed.
The default setting is 1000µS Min signal, 1050µS Start signal and 2000µS full Throttle signal.
KISS esc's are calibrated from factory and under regular situations should never need to be calibrated. I have fixed the odd issue by re-calibrating them so it can't hurt to try it but it's unlikely the issue. Also, with the new Dshot calibration never has to be done ever again
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Flyduino says that for the 24a RE only though. Any other/older kiss escs i would calibrate as usual.
I noticed strange behaviour when I still had little bee esc's so I calibrated them through the KISS GUI. After installing new KISS 24A escs and upgrading to Dshot600 I had the same issues despite knowing that no calibration is required.
I calibrated the escs again and it felt normal again.

Strange behaviour means a shaky feel as if the motors weren't 100 percent in sync. Hard to describe...
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