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Which one is better BrainFPV or KC PDB?
I'm compiling a part list for my first drone and I've already decided to go with BrainFPV RE1 Flight Controller on a KC250 Frame. Both items come with optional PDBs and I like KC PDB much more as it looks clean and better designed and it's cheaper BUT BrainFPV Mini Power Board (mPB) has more electronics on it, thus my question, does it mean that Brain mPB is better because it's more complicated? again I'd rather go with KC PDB.

Thanks for your input.

Left one is Brain mPB and the right image is KC PDB
the one on the left looks like it has a 5v and a 12v regulator along with LC filter vs the one on the right. but having more components doesn't necessarily mean that it's better. depending on the quality of components and quality control, it could mean more places it could fail. on one of my quads i'm using a luminier pdb with 5v polulu cause that's all i need. so you should make your decision base do upon what you need, and not on what looks to be better. unless you want the options for later changes.
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Just based on features I would go for the left one. It has 5v 12v lc filtered voltage output like Jimmy mentioned as well as a current sensor.
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Thanks Guys, I'll go with the Brain mPB, I didn't realize it has 12V too.
+1 for the left one, looked at their website it seems to be stackable with the FC so it will make building a lot easier.
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