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Where to put these motors...?
Luxury problem lol...

i got these motors cheap on sale from a local store, but now, where do i put them? And what escs to use?

I can't find any data sheets, so first question is, what kind of props can they pull without current going too high?

First i was thinking to rebuild my 180 which uses 4x4x3, but maybe on a light build they could do 5045 2-blades too?
Also what escs should i use with them? To be safe i think probably 30a ... Rolleyes
I think the best way is to place them at the end of arms from the frame.

No kidding, i have found a video review of these motors maybe you can find there some answers:

Here some more information:
3-4s supported to use with 30A ESC's
props; 2750KV for 5'', 6'' and 7'' props
No.of cells(Lipo): 3-4S
Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len):Φ27.7×18.5mm

Weight: 29.5g
2750KV max thrust with 6045 prop: 1150g

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Hey thanks a lot for this! Looks like they would be best suited for a 5" 2-blade build...

I think while the 4" quad would love high rpm, it would be better to find lighter motors for that one.
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Your welcome, good luck with your next build.

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