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What is the main factor in Min_Throttle amount?
I've got some cheapo $10 GoolRC motors and some 20A DYS ESCs (the first and only ESCs I've ever bought).  My Min_Throttle with this setup has to be 1140, which is pretty high.  It's so high in fact that there are times my quad almost hovers by itself.  I'm looking to reduce this, but I don't know if it's more important to replace the ESCs or the motors to reduce my Min_Throttle.
You have done your ESC calibration?
Is it so high to prevent desyncs?

From what i read, a lower start-up power or higher motor timing can help prevent desyncs too, but i can't tell from my own experience. Only have 1 set of blheli escs and so far have not experimented with those settings.
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@Ikkuh yes I did the calibration back when I first put them on (nearly 6 months ago).

@fftunes, I don't know what desyncs are. I got the ESCs from miniquadbros.com as part of a kit, they came flashed with the latest BLHeli and I've never changed a single thing about them. The motors are $10 "GoolRC" motors from Amazon.com
Ah yeah you should try to calibrate them. I think 1140 is the default in blheli firmware...