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Weird Betaflight F3 OSD problem
The OSD on BFF3 is acting weird.  When I connect the battery, I either get the OSD and a black background or I get the camera feed without the OSD.  It just started doing this, it was fine before.  I likely damaged the FC when the VTX shorted. Given the problem, I have already ruled out the camera or the VTX.  VTX is new after the other one shorted.
It sounds like there is something wrong with the OSD or FC.. Vin isn't going through the OSD chip and coming out to Vout as it's supposed to..

could you check the soldering on Vin/Vout pads and make sure they are not shorted, or likely to be shorted? Re-do the soldering if possible. Also check the pins of the OSD chip make sure nothing is shorting the chip connections (the "legs")
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That was the first thing I did. Resolder Vin and Vout. Also looked at the osd chip, but I will give it another close look.

Probably time for a new FC. I saw a target for CL racing F7. Might be my next FC.
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