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Use Prefix to filter Products by Type
There is now a very handy feature in this forum - prefix filter!  Big Grin

Whenever someone post a new thread, about a new product, or product review/testing, they can select a prefix for it, which should be the type of the product, such as "ESC", "Motor", "VTX" etc...

Viewers can quickly identify what the product is about on the forum.

More importantly, users can now filter products by prefix! This feature makes it possible to quickly find all products of certain type that are posted about on the forum. 

The prefix drop-down list is located at the bottom right of the page, just below where the threads are.

Here is an example, where I am looking for motors, once I selected "Motor" in the drop-down list, I clicked the "Go" button to confirm.

This has only just started, but me and all other forum members will work very hard to build up this database.    Heart
As usual, any ideas or comments, please let us know! Smile

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