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UBAD La Forge Diversity Receiver and VTX
recently on my QAV-X build I mentioned that I was using a UBAD La Forge VTX which uses a IR remote to switch between bands and channels. it is user selectable 25mw/200mw/400mw. although I can't get it to work at 400mw. the down side of this vtx is that unless you have a La Forge Module for your FatSharks or have the IR remote which is sold separately, you won't be able to change anything on it. another thing is that you have to hold the IR detector that's on the vtx so close to the module, that they're practically touching, so it becomes a hassle that you're going to want the separate IR remote. but here are some pictures. 

this is where the IR transmitter is located on the module.

this is where the IR receiver is located on the VTX

this is a little slide switch which puts the VTX into bind or transmit mode

the VTX comes with a led strip which indicates the power output and other information such as channel. or it is user selectable and you can change the color or other effects.

and this is a picture of the IR remote. it has a little scroller and push button which is what you use to select your settings. 

if there's any questions or if you guys would like me to post some video on how to use this set up just post here. it took me a while to have to figure everything out so if there's any questions, I'll be happy to help.

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