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Tuning possible in Horizon or Angle mode?
Just finished building my second quad. First one is a little 250 quad that I am learning FPV on. Still in Horizon mode but getting more use to it without the travel sickness through the goggles. Hopefully switching to rate mode soon. Quad flies well (well I think so)

The second one is a 450 quad that I want to use more for aerial pics. The quad is complete but suffers from some fast oscillations and I have tried to start tuning and have added an Openlog device to assist. The FC is an SP F3.

Question is is it possible to tune PID in horizon mode? I am not confident enough to fly in rate mode but just concerned that by using Horizon or angle I am stopping myself from getting a proper tune.
Problem is a bit that it's difficult to tell wether it's the normal PID or the horizon settings on top of those which cause trouble - without blackbox. Wink

With blackbox it should be possible.
You can check if there is some noise coming in to the gyro with horizon mode, you don't have to do that in rate mode.
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