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Triple-Treat (Quanum Trifecta) Truck
OH NO man, so sorry for you! 6 months from the 1st ordered parts, and... Straight home to let Jim Jefferies do some 'language' for you!?
Windless fields and smokeless builds
(19-Jun-2017, 09:41 AM)Aaron Wrote: From all the pieces I found on the ground I have managed to reconstruct most of the broken parts.  I'll pick up some epoxy and reinforce the damage and go from there.

The tail mechanism attaching screw that fell out was still loose in the tail which of course will take a massive amount of disassembly to get back in place.

At least on the surface I think part of my issues relate to the relative immaturity of iNav when it comes to Tricopter so I'll switch to Clean or Beta flight (maybe even Triflight) in the hopes that I can leverage some of the support forums.

I'd suggest giving the latest Triflight beta a go. Betaflight really isn't very tricopter friendly (or Cleanflight now that's it's effectively the same thing) as the yaw D-term isn't there any more and it really is needed for a tricopter.

If it's any comfort to you, the S800 Skyshadow flying wing that I spent the weekend building now looks like a similar pile of parts after four unsuccessful attempts to launch it.

Ah well, "build, fly, crash - repeat" is the RC flight mantra after all.

Big Grin
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There certainly is an issue with the yaw servo control - effectively it was thrashing constantly and to some extent I think the FC was so confused it had little capability to allow control of Throttle or elevator.

I must confess to be considering walking away from the idea and just enjoying to robustness of my first build 250mm which now just works.
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As you can see I've been busy!

I've even pretty much got the top cage patched together!  It needs reinforcing though.  

I will say the low quality of the supplied screws means the next big hit it take will probably ground it for longer as I'll have to source all new hardware for some of the hex head screws.

Anyway, the Loctite on the tail retainer needs to set, I need to reinforce the upper cage and remount the GPS and then I'll plug in and have a tinker with FC firmware and start proceeding towards another test flight.
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Bad news. A few components on the Receiver were crushed in the crash and while looking complete they're not intact. This includes on of the choke coils under a heap of resin and a few capacitors.

The RX wouldn't even power up.

Which leads me to the FC, it does power up with USB but there's some charring on the regulator or transistor right next to the USB port. I'm going to presume that this feeds the 5v supply for parts of the board because the power for the RX is flakey. At a guess we had a short circuit during the crash and let some magic smoke out.

So I've ordered a replacement SPRF3EVO AND a SPRF3 Deluxe from myrcmart.com.

While I can probably repair the EVO by reading the part number off the EVO in my 210mm I think a fresh board is a safer bet for now.

The Turnigy iA6C receiver is able the only one that will fit neatly on this build, and give battery telemetry. There's not enough stack height for an X6B receiver unless I use the extensions on the cage. Maybe that's not a bad idea?

Otherwise it's a choice between AUD20 (iA6C) from hobbyking or AUD15 from Banggood for the X6B
So at 3am I jumped on hobbykings site and ordered two X6B's for AUD10 each with the token AUD6 next day delivery.

I'll take the iA6C (replace with X6B) from my 250 and use in the Trifecta and have a X6B and SPF3Deluxe for my next build!
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With the arrival of the replacement SP Racing F3 EVO from http://www.myrcmart.com I can finally start the daisy chain to repair the electronics.

First some pics of the subtle damage to the FC and RX.

As you can see in the last pictures the components under the rubberised blog that protects on of the coils were basically smashed.  Likewise the charring on the Schottky Diode near the USB connector of the FC has traces of burning.

The FC itself works on USB just fine, and I could order a replacement Diode (which I will) I really wanted to "trust" the rebuild as the flight characteristics were incredibly disappointing indicating a lot of PID tuning is required.

The replacement FC is now doing a burn-in run hooked up to a PC.  

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It's alive!

New F/C, receiver from Cheap250 transplanted, most of the calibration and configuration things done.
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(08-Jul-2017, 01:41 PM)Aaron Wrote: It's alive!

New F/C, receiver from Cheap250 transplanted, most of the calibration and configuration things done.

Fingers crossed that it behaves properly in the air this time!
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Hobbyking sale is on - so I paid the big AUD6 for a spare frame. On the slow boat from China so will be a month or so.

At least I'll have a top cover frame thats in one piece.
I've been thinking about this and am now wondering if the ESCs are part of the problem.

When I got them I took the time to flash to the latest BLHeli version, what I didn't do was change the setup.

In hindsight I think active braking isn't enabled.

I'm presuming with 8" props there's a fair bit of inertia to deal with and the FC is constantly trying to correct against.

Naturally these cheap ESCs won't update through the FC so I need to jumper in the USB flash tool and check things out.
If the ESCs are still running BLHeli 14.3, they don't have active braking as it was only implemented in version 14.4.

For the sake of three ESCs, I'd upgrade them to some decent 30A BLHeli_S ESCs and not have to worry about them ever again. The RacerStar ESCs from Banggood have never failed me.
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Yeah sort of coming to that conclusion - there's nothing terribly bad about the ESCs but not being able to flash in-frame does suck and I'm fairly sure BLHeli 14.numbermorethan3 is one them.. I haven't had the time to pull the top cover off, add some pig tail loom and flash them and probably won't until October after I'm back from my Thailand/Malaysia/Asian romping holiday.
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Well I'm back from my trip.

Pulled out the Trifecta (new frame did eventually arrive) and am about to pull the trigger on new ESCs. I can't get my spare ESC to flash on the bench, and considering how nice the Racerstar "just works" on the 210mm UAVFutures build I'm just going to get 3 of the 20A Racerstars, pull the thing apart and move on with life.

Tail started binding up so that has to come out anyway.
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Good choice. Those Racerstar ESCs just work.
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