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travelling with lipos
I'm going to travel by airplane with my quad for the first time (Europe) and I'm wondering if there's folks here who have done this and have tackled the issue of taking many lipos with them.

I'm currently reading up on the airline policies as well as some freight services (DHL, UPS, Fedex). From what I gather I can take only 2 lipos with me on the plane and this has to be carry-on luggage, not cargo. It appears that the only way to have a sufficient amount of lipos with you is to send it to your destination via freight service. Wondering if there's other avenues as well. 

Thanks for sharing.
There's a related thread on this topic here: http://intofpv.com/t-flying-in-europe-with-lipo-s
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Thanks! I apparently searched for the wrong keywords before I started my topic, my bad. Better to have that discussion in one thread, I'll head over there.
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