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Trackers/general good ways to find downed quads
Just to remind you that this is a 39 gram quad we're talking about here... ::reality-check::  Tongue
haha, I should probably have read the first post, and not just the header  Tongue
(10-Jan-2017, 08:58 PM)oyvinla Wrote: haha, I should probably have read the first post, and not just the header  Tongue

Nah, it's a good discussion!  Just want to make sure tsmax knows that some of these will be too heavy for his quad. Big Grin
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Okay, I should explain a bit more. Tl;Dr : GPS represent a possibility that can be opened up with some trade-offs. "39 grams" should not become an insuperable constraint and give us all tunnel vision.

I have seen a brushed motor microquad running Taulabs brushed Sparky, FrSky XSR, Hawkeye Vtx, CCD camera and of course the GPS sensor. The resulting craft flies slightly sluggish, but in return gains telemetry and GPS capability. The pilot of this quad has recovered his vehicle from some quite impossible places (i.e. rooftops and a dried drainage ditch) thanks to the GPS. 

As I only recently acquainted myself with racing (and intoFPV), having been a Pixhawk based guidance boat pilot most of the time. I value GPS a lot.
I have been using my goggles with a directional patch antenna to find the quad a couple of times. Just search for the direction with the strongest signal. This will obviously only work if your quad still have power connected

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