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Tools Used by me for RC builds/maintenance
When I first started I never had much of an idea what I would need to use for this hobby. There is no öne"definative place to find such a list such as "Tools" needed. I have decided to kind of build a list of different things. This is my "Tool" List ...........so far.

I put together a sample tool list of actual products I use. I also provided links in case you need to purchase them. Note these are only examples, there are many products out there, but these are some of the basics you need.

None of the links in the list are "ässociate" links. I in no way try to make money off my fellow enthusiasts. These are straight links.

And if possible buy them from your local RC shop to support them!  If not there are many online stores available. Study up and decide which tools may best fit your needs. This list is intended to give a starting place of types of tools you may end up needing.

RC Build Tools:

Aoyue 2930 Programmable Lead Free Soldering Station

Aoyue Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner with Brass wire sponge, no water needed

SE MZ101B Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass

Aven 17542 Desoldering Wick, 2.5mm Width, 5' Length

          24-10 Ga. Wire Stripper/Cutter Tool

          Multiple sizes Heat Shrink

QX Aluminium Alloy Multifunctional Soldering Station XT60 XT90 T Banana Plug

 4 In 1 Hex Driver Screw Tools Set For RC Model

TEKTON 6655 Needle File Set, 10-Piece

Pixnor 5-in-1 High-precision Stainless Steel Tweezers Repair Tools Set (Silver)

Du-Bro 499 Tru-Spin Prop Balancer

Xacto X5282 Basic Knife Set

Precision Screwdriver set

Electronic / Software Tools:

EK2-0907 Updated Servo Tester Server Electronic Speed Controller

3.3V or 5.5V USB Programming Module for Naze / Minim OSD / Frsky / Multi-wii

FVT Favourite Little Bee Mini BLHeli ESC Parameter Adjustment Module USBlink Program Module

Remote Control Helicopter Spare parts Battery Monitor Alarm 1S-8S

WOOCON RC CellMeter-7 Digital Battery Capacity Checker LiPo LiFe Li-ion NiMH Nicd

Miscellaneous Tools:

360W 12V 30A Power supply

RadioLink CB86 Plus 6A 210W Lipo Balance Charger Discharger

Crafty World Pro Quality Cutting Mat 18 x 24"-60% Off Today - Sturdy Self Healing Mat is the Perfect Cutting Mat For All Arts & Crafts

.30 Caliber Ammo Can, Military Surplus (LIPO Battery Vault)
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That's a very very nice set of tools! will stick this up in the "Useful Info" forum!
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Nice list, I still prefer a normal sponge to the brass one.
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Looking for recommendations on a good flux pen for soldering. Was looking at some kester pens but which is best, there's a couple different kinds.
My Dremel feels like he should make this list as well.
He reminded me how long he has had my back when I needed some muscle to modify and customize my RC parts. Wink
From light sanding to milling slots for velco straps. My Dremel is never far from the bench!
Almost endless amout of options when it comes to differeny types of attachments as well.

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I find this desoldering tool works just as well or better than solder wick
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(01-20-2017, 11:40 PM)RENOV8R Wrote: I find this desoldering tool works just as well or better than solder wick
Whats the logevity of those? Is it cost effective vs the soldering wick?
Havent seen these before lol
Fly. Crash. Learn. Repeat!