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"Tiny Whoop" that runs 7mm motors! (spoiler, I like it!)
Yeah thats not too bad if it is just the first 20 FCs.
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I do like the specs on this machine but I run Spektrum gear which is incompatible. Id like to build one from parts but using a brushed Spektrum compatible integrated FC instead.
So, can anyone tell me (in millimetres) what the distance is between the mounting points on this frame.
From the review on Oscars blog
"The mounting pattern is exactly the same as the tiny whoop: adjacent screws at 25.5mm, diagonal screws at 37mm."

Oh and welcome to the forum Meats, I hope that you are a friendly person otherwise you would be 'Cold Meats'
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Thanks Tom
Yeah I'm friendly enough.

That means any micro FC with ~26mm mounting holes should fit.
I'm going to give this one try 

I'll report back on how the install and setup goes for anyone else wanting to build one that doesn't use a Frsky tx.
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So I have gone through two of these little units now.  The FC board gets noticeably warm just plugged into the USB port working on Beta Flight settings.

The first unit when I had it all setup in BF.  I went to bind to the radio, plugged in the battery and all the motors spun up for 1-2 seconds and died.  The quad would not power on with the batteries anymore, however, would power up using USB.

Got a replacement, and everything looked good until I went to test the motors in Beta Flight.  Motor #3 will not stop running now.

I REALLY want this little quad to work, I love the design.  

Anyone else see any issues with these?  Anyone notice theirs getting warm from USB use?

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