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Third flight day
Hi All

Had my third day out with my Diatone GT2 today

Getting better flying LOS but had a few spills into long grass. Usually covered my disarm switch and the worst things were a slightly bent prop and lost shrink wrap from one rx antenna. The long weed/grass almost acted as a sefety net at times although had to unravel motors  a couple of times.

Struggling with FPV as when flying on my own in long scrub grass field im worried about losing my drone but it didnt eject the battery once. With FPV goggles on I was also worried about hitting myself when taking off. This was mainly due to the fact that I was flying alone and felt a bit disorientated and nervous at lift off. I started the drone about 30ft away but there was a breeze and quite a strong low sun. Do you think I will get used to my EV100 goggles as Im afraid I bust the budget buying everything at once and cannot afford an upgrade at the moment

Any FPV tips would be welcome

Low point was dropping and losing a prop nut as I was packing up. (no spares but ordered when I got home)

Respect to all you competent pilots out there I am now getting an idea how much time and  effort it requires

P.S. whats the best way to clean dirty motors ?

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If you have a compressor... its a good way to get rid of dirt without the worry of scratching the varnish off the motor windings with a sponge or rag wiping abrasive sand/dirt/soil.

1st time flying FPV was completely disorientating for me, despite flying a micro and staying on a farm hence being very familiar with my flying spot. Just keep at it man, if you can connect your goggles to the PC to use with a sim, it might alleviate the disorientation of FPV quicker than just using your normal screen. If you had a little micro for round the house, it really helps!

Honestly, you will soon reach a stage where FPV becomes more natural than LOS, and you have to remind yourself to keep practicing LOS just in case of FPV failure! I remember being jealous of the people who put my goggles on, because I I could fly them around better than I could fly myself around!!

Tell me about losing stuff, I was going to have my 1st session by the sea a few months ago, when I got there it was a bit windier than it was at home, so just sat with the Mrs, played with the dogs etc. When I got home I realized that one of my antennas had fallen out of my bag, and I didn't even bloody fly! Of course it was the omni-directional rather than the patch too!
Windless fields and smokeless builds
Thankx Tom
I am going to persist with my ev100 goggles and will buy something better in a couple o months.
Im sure i must have looked like one of those nodding dog things when i tried to use them today
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Yeah, I stopped rocking around in my chair while playing driving games when I was about 10, but I'm not sure I will ever be able to stay still while flying. Even flying in the sim I find myself adopting strange cat-like postures! There was a thread a while back that was discussing flying FPV while lying down being a completely different experience. I'm still not confident enough in my ability to try it though! Maybe when I get the camera back on my whoop...
Windless fields and smokeless builds
I'm always amazed at the people who can fly FPV while standing.

If I was just standing there like Oscar is in his recent Split Mini video, I'd fall over! Big Grin
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