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The 'King is dead...(or at least in a coma)
Demonstrating the height of stupidity, hobbyking.com "updated" their website.  Among other things, no browsing by warehouse.

Someone "from" hobbyking stated that it would be harder to bring back the old site, than to fix the problems with the new.....(read, "oh we deleted that stuff").

Customers are pretty unhappy  -  except for lipos, I pretty much shop elsewhere these days.

More info: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthre...?t=2769814
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Yeah, noticed that too. The Coming soon section is also gone and worse of all, the website sometimes is so slow that it's not possible to scroll around.
For these and other reasons (mostly a fiasco with a set of Dom HD2), I'm also staying away from HK.
I am not starting a bitch session here, but, HK have for the most part been a right PIA for me, I made the mistake of selecting default shipping ONCE. 3 light years later my goods arrived arrived.and then 1 item was DOA, ohhh what a painful experience lodging an RMA.

Take a picture, in triplicate, describe the problem in triplicate, shave your cat and send some fur, box up item, post back to us at my expense and use the RMA form we supply but have hidden so well on the website you will have to call us to find out where it is, and then be on hold for 45 minutes until one of their "Trained Professionals" take your call, only to tell you you called the wrong department and say "Pleeesae wait while I transfer you", suddenly you are cut off and have to start the whole process again.

In the end I just gave up and only ever buy stuff off them if I am sick or it is a part I cannot find elsewhere.
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The only things I order from them now (well, maybe not anymore) are lipos, and then from one of the US warehouses. I quit ordering from the International warehouse, because they started requiring a signature for every order. Banggood has been very good to me, and has free shipping. I am sure I can find another source for decent lipos. I think this latest thing with the website will really hurt them. But like I said above, the manufacturers will probably just move along to someone more dependable. Can't wait to see Turnigy NanoTechs on Banggood Big Grin
I bought something ONCE from Hobby King....never again. So then I moved on to Banggood....they were even worse. So now there are about 4 vendors that I purchase from and that's it. I feel your pain guys!
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I like to buy from GetFPV. I trust them and their customer service is fantastic.
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I've never really had a problem with HK but their new website update is terrible.
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I also was an avid hobbyking shopper. I spent $10000 in 6 months but now I can't even use the site so I think they have lost my business until they fix the site.
hobbyking?? LOL....what is this?..is this some kind of late halloween prank or something? Big Grin ....lmao seriously, those guys are a joke, their site and the way they treat costumers were already creepy before the changes, they never did and will never see a penny from my wallet .... Big Grin

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HobbyKing sells there stuff on ebay also. If I find something at HK I want, I look on ebay. They sell it there without the high shipping costs. Last time I was on HK's site it was really slow.

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