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The Go-To FPV camera?
Is the HS1177 still regarded as the go to fpv camera? 
I'm hesitating between that and the runcam series.
You cant go wrong with the RR runcam, perfect settings, just install and fly.
Or the 1190, Comes with tons of mounting options and 2 cases
I would say the Swift 2 because of the OSD feature.

HS1177 sensor is used in the Swift anyway. Main difference between Swift and HS1177 is the silicone wires, better mounting options and some tweaks that Runcam do to the software/hardware. But the image itself is virtually the same.
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HS1177 or the Runcam swift 2 are the two cams i prefer, lastly more the Runcam 2 because there is already a 2,5" Lens option so you dont have to buy an other lens.
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To echo the rest, as far as what is the "go-to camera"... That would be half right... The HS1177 (and the updates since, like the HS1190 mentioned above) is half of the equation and the Swift and it's update the Swift 2 are the other half. As also mentioned, the reason why they're both the go-to is because they're practically identical cameras.

On the lens, my HS1177 came with a 2.5mm lens, I don't think they sell them with the 2.2 any more (descriptions say that the manufacturer doesn't make the other one). One of my quads came with the other lens and I recently put a 2.5 on it and I would say that if you do get one with the 2.2 that it's worth upgrading, but Kerni is right it's better to find one with the 2.5.

The eagle, and now the eagle 2 seem to be an upgrade from these cameras but there are still some kinks to work out. It seems that the eagle 2 will resolve most of those kinks but it isn't out yet. Supposedly it'll be out in July (I am crossing my fingers for that personally as it's what I am going to go with)
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