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TBS Vendetta with Crossfire
I just recently got a hold of the new TBS Vendetta and wanted to do a quick review for you guys Smile

Both the TBS Vendetta and the TBS Crossfire come in some neat black boxes with TBS symbols and even quotes on the side of the boxes.

Inside the boxes, you are presented with the Vendetta with the arms off, couple of screws, straps, and 2 sets of 5x4x3 Gemfan props.
As for the TBS Crossfire you get the crossfire unit, antenna, a couple of cables for different transmitter connections and a JR module converter.
Manual: http://www.team-blacksheep.com/tbs-crossfire-manual.pdf

As I'm using a Taranis I simply plugged in the JR connection, connected the JR cables (RC Input & Expansion port) to the crossfire unit (remember to connect the antenna first), and then configured a model with internal RF off and external RF to CRSF

And ... nothing happened. The module isn't turning on ... why?
Everything was connected perfectly but as it turns out maybe too perfectly. The JR pins weren't making contact with the JR module so no power was being forwarded. I simply bent the JR pins ever so slightly to make sure there is contact and after powering up the taranis everything is now working fine Smile

You only need to do a few things to get the Vendetta flying which doesn't take long.
Firstly, unscrew the two screws that hold up the front bumper. You can now (slowly) slide the internal carriage with all components out of the carbon shell.

I'm using a micro crossfire receiver (you can use anything PPM or SBUS tho and there is even a servo connector ready for you to plug in your receiver).
As the crossfire receiver plug doesn't take servo connectors I simply exchanged the lead (supplied with receiver).

Bind before you get the internals back inside and you are almost ready to go.
Now you only need to couple the legs into the frame and screw them in.

Get in the arms protection (supplied) and screw that in too.
Now you just need to screw back the front bumper, place the battery straps and you are almost there!

Before powering up your craft remember to set your radio endpoints to 1000-2000 and 1500 for middle stick
Power up your Vendetta - REMEMBER TO PUT THE ANTENNA ON!!!
You will be prompted by a OSD screen to calibrate your remote. Pretty standard. Make sure you have a 3 point switch for modes.
You are able to change almost everything using OSD and sticks, such as your PIDS, RATES, VTX FREQ, and several other settings.

That's it! You are ready to fly.

Yaw right and test the prop rotation before you put props on.
If you want to add a switch simply connect it to cleanflight and do it ther under MODES.

There are a few updates (if you want to upgrade to Betaflight for example) that can be run directly via TBS Agent.

And how does it fly?

First flight RAW video


I can honestly say this has been the most enjoyable quad I've ever flown from first go.
I was able to go to places I'd normally crash before without thinking about it.
It has a feeling of locked in and agile BUT ... not super fast (yet).

I'm running 4s 50-100c 1500mha Drone labs and feel the slight lack of punch that I have on other quads.
The smoothness of it fully compensates for it tho and I can't say that I've pushed it to it's limits yet.

I'm using 5x4x3 DAL props and the motors get slightly warm at the end of a fast session.
I didn't notice much difference (aside from noise) from the 5x4x3 HQ props included.

And the camera?

Yes, it is not that good but it's usable as long as you have a sunny day.
Going into dark spots is not very fun as you can barely see where you are going.

There are two options.

- You can exchange it for a different FPV camera
- You can change the settings.

Changing the settings is actually harder then it sounds, as in order to be able to connect an OSD keyboard you will need to open up the camera and move a soldered mini component inside.

By Trappy:
Ok, the instructions are as follows. There is a 0R component that needs to be moved. Since it's 0R (0 Ohm resistance) it can also be replaced by a blob of solder. this is located near the image sensor, an area marked with "A" for Audio, and "K" for Keypad, one of them connected to the center pad (= output port). Basically it jumps the audio output port either to the keypad input, or the microphone. 2 photos for reference.


Stick input doesn't work in calibration startup

Connect to cleanflight, go to configuration and set RX_SERIAL under Receiver Mode and SBUS under Serial Receiver Provider
Save and the board will restart. UART 2 should have activated SERIAL RX automatically, but double check it.

Connect to cleanflight, go to configuration and set RX_PPM under Receiver Mode
Save and the board will restart.

You should now have stick input in the OSD

Cannot get to OSD (yaw left + throttle low) after calibration startup

Firstly set your remote endpoints to 1000-2000 and 1500 for middle stick.
You should check this directly in cleanflight.

Then you will need to access the OSD via the three tiny buttons directly in the TBS CORE
Middle button long press = main menu
Middle button short press = ok
Left button = up
Right button = down

Go to general option and factory default after the end points are correctly setup on your remote.
Redo the initial calibration.

Cannot get Vendetta to arm

Set your radio endpoints to 1000-2000 and 1500 for middle stick if you haven't before.
You should check this directly in cleanflight.
Go to general option and factory default after the end points are correctly setup on your remote.
Redo the initial calibration.

If you still cannot arm by right yaw+ low throttle connect to cleanflight and set a switch from your remote to arm, under modes
interesting review...great that it flies well out the box, however I guess what you are describing, is a well tuned quad...so the question is, do you want to spend all the extra money on that or just try to tune what you have better...(and build with better components for less also)
Looks like it's a pretty good quad Smile probably one of the best RTF quad i have seen for a while!
the ZeroZero is pretty rubbish TBH Smile hopefully you can swap it out Smile

Love the OSD menu for changing config! hope they implement that in standard Cleanflight soon...

how difficult is it to order this quad and the spare arms?? are there lots of back orders?
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Not sure about difficulty in order or back orders. I got mine pretty quickly as soon as it was dispatched to vendors.
I think it's much more than a tuned quad. Getting something out of the box that just works as you want is rare, specially in something so complex as a quad.

The only minus is the camera but TBS are well aware of that. The rest seems perfectly acceptable.
Also heard stories about arms breaking but that happens with any other quad with hard crashes and sometimes even with light crashes.

I recall the day where I had a hobbyking plastic frame that would break an arm on EVERY flight!
Added a little raw video to show the maiden flight Smile
I'll keep adding to the first post as I learn more about the craft.
FYI the included props are HQ not GF.
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Hi Carlos - Thanks for the write up - I have just received my Vendetta with Crossfire unit & Micro receiver, I thought it was going to be straightforward but for some reason I am getting a beeping red light to say that no TX has been found (I have a FrSky 2.4GHz TARANIS X9D Plus). Can't work out what I have done wrong. Can you post some photos of what cable/plug you used and where you installed the micro receiver to see if I have installed correctly?
Hello Carlos. I would also like to see the placement of the Micro receiver (and the antenna). Thanks for an informative post !