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Taranis custom telemetry screens
Wow guys, that looks awesome! Another reason to get the Taranis Smile
Don't be a LOS'er, be a FPV'er :) -- My Fleet
(11-03-2016, 03:08 PM)tozes Wrote: Looking good Smile
Guess you fixed the issue with calculating the number of cells?

Edit: I'll post your video on post #1 if you don't mind.

Yes, it was exactly what I told you. I had Offset on Vfas but not on Cell. I worked the lap timer thing. It works wonders. I'll try making a video of it Later!

Of course you can post, it's your script!
I am impressed how simple and great lua script.
But this code does not apply to my copter.

The firmware is betaflight.

To fix the problem, I opened your code~

In taranis telemetry parameter, 'Tmp' imply a flight mode, whether armed or disarmed.

But there is no Tmp in your code.

Instead, I found that there are switches parameter sa,se........and sf.

What  do these parameter indicate???? plz reply
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The script updates the displayed information based on the switch position rather than telemetry information (except for battery and signal data ofc). So all you need to do is change those parameters so it matches your radio setup.

For example, I use switch D for arm/disarm which translates into this:

local SW_ARM = 'sd'

If you use for example switch A, just change it like this and should work:

local SW_ARM = 'sa'
(10-30-2016, 06:04 PM)tozes Wrote: Hey, the code and bmp files are now on github: https://github.com/tozes/taranis_telemetry

Let me know if you need some help.

Enjoy Smile


Thanks for the great and perfect script.
How can I change the code to show total voltage on the battery indicator instead of showing cell's voltage.  Thinking
I think is better that the battery indicator will show full battery / total count since under Rssi is already cell's voltage

Thank you   Thumbs Up
You just need to change the data source on line 39:

local DS_CELL = 'A4'

From the top of my head, I think A2 is the total voltage but you can confirm that in the telemetry config screen on your taranis. Just bear in mind that changing this will probably mess up the layout a bit because you'll now have 4 digits instead of 3. If this happens you can try to adjust the position and font size on line 76.
Btw, Cell- which is what you see under the RSSI-, is not the same as the cell voltage that you see on the left side of the screen. Cell- is the lowest cell voltage recorded since the last reset. This is useful because you can see how much you battery is sagging during flight.
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