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Swift 2 Stuck!
My Swift 2 has the menu stuck on the screen.  I have tried the OSD joystick and it doesn't respond.  I've unplugged it several times.  When it powers on it looks good for a second then the menu pops up.  

This may have started happening after a crash  Rolleyes

Any ideas?

Have you tried a "Reset" on the Setup Menu? (My Mini has that option anyway - not sure it'll do any good though.)
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There is a reset option but I cant get to it the joystick plug isn't working either.
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check nothing is shorting the "OSD" pin on the camera... It sounds like the OSD pin is getting some sort of signal from shorting another pin...
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Thanks Oscar, I'll take a look at that and report back.
(16-May-2017, 12:20 PM)rryyyaann Wrote: Thanks Oscar, I'll take a look at that and report back.

Check for shorts against the iinside of the case also. Thats what caused my weird issues with the image.

Feel free to add you problem and fix (if found) to my Swift 2 Issues discussion thread.
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I didn't find any shorts but I put some dabs of hot glue to secure the board in place. I got some results. I can now get into the image menu and adjust that. I am NOT able to get into the OSD menu. So I'm missing voltage and time on my screen.

I have held up for 2 seconds or more on the joystick with no luck. Plugged unplugged many times while holding up on the joystick and nothing. I think its just half bricked. But at least its sort of working.
can you try push the stick to any directions for more than a few seconds?
Don't be a LOS'er, be a FPV'er :) -- My Fleet

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