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Software dose not work on 7 out of 7 quadcopters
[color=#141414][size=small][font=Georgia,]I had the salesman at verizon help me scan all the apps for my drones on my new Motto G 4, I have tried everything, it's just like they were not there, software opens up, everything seems to be normal, wifi is good, I have opted for no phone service, he said I didn't need the phone turned on, thanks, Ed p.s. Yh-19 quadcopter app will not recognize the drone, and the Echines E-56, and the JJRC Elfie+ and about five other less expensive drones, the app qr code scanded and it opens, but the app will not recogize the drone, thanks, Ed
You have to be more specific regarding your situation. What software, what drone, what are you referring to?
Is wifi actually enabled on your phone?
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If you are trying to fly a drone with a wifi app, you will need to connect the phone and the drone through WIFI Connection. It will show up in your list of available hotspots.
SoCal Kaity :D
OMG, no one told me it would be this much fun!  Addicted :)

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