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Sirin FC with VTX integrated - Looks Interesting
The world’s first Flight Controller with integrated Video transmitter, OSD and Blackbox

High speed SPI bus powered onboard
components for ultra low loop-times:
– MicroSD blackbox
– vTX (software based)
– Gyro (8 kHz refresh rate)
– latest F3 processor


My youtube channel

Very interesting! Read the FAQ's on the website. Interesting stuff there, too. Example: The vTx can run at 25mW or 200mW, selectable through OSD or CLI.
Impulse rc offer a similar product called "singularity" specs are different but I like the concept, wonder how either fare in daily use ?
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Im conncerned about all the sensitive electronics ontop of 600mw vtx. Gyros and alike ?
Be great for small builds.....if the durability is there...
"Damn the torpedoes!!!  Full speed ahead!!!"
Hello I've made a post on my blog about this card, it's a french speaking article but you can easier translate it in your language with the tool on the website http://pimousse.be/index.php/2016/09/07/...out-en-un/
https://pimousse.be/ Belgian FPV & Aeromodelism 
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Man I want my computer back
Whatever, BG has a Fc+pdb+osd

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