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SimonK VS BLheli - ESC Firmware
So for ESC's, we have SimonK and BLHeli firmware, which one is better and why?

(15-Feb-2016, 09:28 PM)MacFly90 Wrote: So for ESC's, we have SimonK and BLHeli firmware, which one is better and why?

SimonK is getting forgotten, it's not being supported nor updated as frequently as BLHeli these days.

I think the main reason being how easy it is to use, as well as feature and performance.

BLHeli has always been super easy to flash, with their standalone GUI interface "BLHeliSuite", it's even got a 1-click Arduino flash tool to help program your Arduino board to be used as a ISP ASP programmer! no need to go through the Arduino IDE at all to load the sketches. 

On the other hand, I still remember back in the day when I first used SimonK, I need to type in those Command lines... not really that user friendly for non-technical people.

And then, it was the features, such as active breaking and oneshot125, that really bringing BLHeli to the next level and sets the difference from SimonK. SimonK did support those features later on, but it was too late people have made the switch Smile

forgot to mention... with the FC pass-through now... why would you still want to use SimonK?
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One really awesome feature on BLHeli ESC is changing motor direction via the USB cable on the Naze board
But you need Blheli Bootloader to do so. That in itself is the best reason.

Makes it nice to be able to solder up all your motors and check for motor direction. Even if 1 is spinning backwards you can swap it via software...
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Neither! KISS ESC's are the best.
They just out perform all the rest. No stupid GUI needed. And no flashing either.

The whole SimonK/BLheli bootloader thing is just crap Sad because it has blheli firmware doesn't mean it has blheli bootloader, and could be SimonK, that confuses the hell of out me.

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