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Shuriken x1 props -- less speed is OK
Oscar did a great review of the Shuriken X1 200mm race quad.   I ordered one.    I'd like to order some durable replacement props that tame down the speed some.   From what I can tell it ships with 5x4 tri-blades.  

Reviews say it's very fast and has powerful motors.   It's probably faster than my abilities at the moment.   So I'm hoping to choose props that gain efficiency and flight time.  I don't care about top end speed yet. 

I read Oscar's "How to choose motor and propeller for Quadcopter" article which is very helpful.   
From what I can tell in the article I should decrease the pitch from the stock 5x4.  I did find some 5x3 tri-blades available. 

But should I switch from a 3 blade to a 2 blade prop instead?  

Some of the quad specs are:
- T-MOTOR 2305 2600KV motors
- Compact size and 200mm diagonal length for 5 inch propellers
- Input voltage: 7 - 42V
- Filtered voltage output 5.2V 2A
- Weight: 343g ( excluding battery )

I'd like to get durable props --possibly DAL or King Kongs for now. 

Thank you.
I don't think 5040 propellers are too much worse than 5030 props (2 blades)
If you want to gain efficiency, probably stick with 2 blades, 3 blades are normally less efficient.
Don't be a LOS'er, be a FPV'er :) -- My Fleet
Thanks Oscar.
The Shuriken has shipped and will be flying soon.
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