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Setting up Matek 5in1 PDB for lost model alarm on Naze (or any aux triggered device)
sorry for my bad english.
With naze32 everything was ok. nice tutorial !!! thanks

but no I have the xracer F303 V3.1

I build it like the naze...
matek 5in1 v3 ...3 pins to the 1
Motors to 3-6

servo tilt....etc...

but it dosn´t work
only Motor 1and2 are running in betaflight
in blhelisuit...the program says 3and4 are ok. 1and2 not found.

please help

Jazzcool, please, explain - I need to connect from MATEK to FC:

1) Ground wire and signal wire to AUX on ESC1 (without positive wire)
2) From 5V BEX - Ground wire and positive wire to first port AUX on ESC2
3) ESC1 to ESC4 to AUX ESC3 to AUX ESC6

I have X-RACER F303 V3.1.
Will this work if I'm using a Frsky R-XSR? I've set it up but its not working on my F3 board. I'm trying to use ESC 7 or 8. I dont think my ESC ports have been pushed by two as another person in the thread noted on F3 boards. One thing I'm noticing is that when I enable the servo by checking the channel aux I'm using and save, then go to another tab and return....it is no longer checked anymore. Any ideas?
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Hey emailcraigs, This is a very old thread, maybe if you start a new thread in the welcome section and explain the problem, with links to the FC and ESC's you have, you may get a better response...
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