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Setting Ibus up on a fury F3
How can I setup my receiver it is a flysky one so Ibus to a fury F3.  I got a link to the manual below.  It just states sbsus, do I use the same pin and use ibus instead or is there an other way?

I'm sure someone can give you a definitive answer, but I do know that the difference is that sBus has an inverted signal and iBus doesn't. So if you connect the signal wire to the sBus pad on the Fury 3, well, it's not going to work. So I think you're going to have to connect to a different UART that's non-inverted, or determine if you can turn the inverter off
That’s what I was trying to look for in the manual to see if I can turn it off or use another pin for ibus but there is nothing in there. There’s a pin for ppm but correct me if I’m wrong that is analog and allot slower.
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You should be able to connect to SBUS and in CLI "sbus_inversion = off" and "save"
Otherwise could I use the uart3 rx pin?
If it was me, I'd just try and see if it worked. You can't hurt anything
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UART3 RX will work.

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