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running more current than the sensor specified
What happens if i draw more than 50A on a 50A current sensor?
Would it display normally?
Or would it display 50A max?
Would it burn?
If you run more current than a current sensor is rated, for a short period yes it will display 50A and above correctly.

But you run into the risk of blowing the sensor, at 50A on a 50A rated sensor it will just heat up and eventually burn up.
Its not the max current it can measure, its the max current it can handle, so it starts to become less accurate and the components will eventually stop working, however plenty of people used the PNP50 from TBS on setups that were well over 50amps and didn't have any major issues. PNP50 rated at 50A, but most mini quad these days can draw over 80A-120A easily.
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