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RunCam Swift 2 Issues and fixes
I have had a couple requests/inquiries about some issues I have experienced with my Swift 2 and how I fixed them.

Let me start by saying this was my very first FPV cam, and, in no way, am I disappointed or displeased in it's overall performance. In fact, since I made the repairs/fixes I have received several compliments on how nice the DVR looks!

Initially I did not have any issues except for some vibrations causing a "bouncy" image and focus. As I began to push the quad harder (crashes and hard accelerations Tongue ) the vibrations became worse. Then after a week or so of abuse I go out to burn off some batteries only to find on my second battery my Video was saturated red and very dark in the shadows. I flew to see what would happen. Didn't change throughout that flight. Next battery the problem was gone. From there it would only show up from time to time without consistency, then if I unplugged gave it a second then plugged in again, it went away.
This is how those flights looked. Fun flight but hell to see! (turn volume down, I didn't edit it, as it seemed to throw off the sound timing as well, but it is loud. Just a heads up)

Well after a hard crash and rebuild, I decided to look further into the Swift 2 and this is what I found. (besides the loose feeling connectors and PCB)

The PCB had actually looked to be shorting against the interior sides of the housing, where the carriage nut is for mounting the case.

Even had a build up of dust and debris on the sensor itself (that dirt on my finger came off the sensor!)

The Fix: Level Easy!
2 small pieces of insulator, electrical tape or split heat shrink, covering the sides of the PCB where they come in contact with those carriage nuts. (sorry, I have misplaced this photo  Huh ) But you get the idea. Not only has it solved my video image issue but also eliminated the extra vibrations. I have ran probably at least 20 or so packs now since the fix, with zero problems. Love this cam now!

Next step is to get a good focus and fly the daylights out of it. Big Grin I found how to use this focus pattern over on RCG's. Time well spent in my opinion Smile

Here are the results after the fix. (Did you see the bird @3:30) Big Grin (I just noticed it ROFL )  

Hope this offers some help!
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Good tutorial - nice find on the focus pattern reference!  Just for convenience, here's a link to the actual focus pattern (from rondexter.com):

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My Swift2 is having the same video issues as well as having some OSD issues. This too was after a crash. I will have to take it apart and check for the loose PCB.

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