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RunCam Split (V1) unboxing - review to follow soon...
Huge thanks to Sandra and BangGood for providing the RunCam Split in exchange for my earlier pre-view and this unboxing/review.
Huge apologies that this has not come sooner, but delivery took so long that the Version 2 was released before I even received this one, hence I didn't think that the review was particularly urgent.

Another of the reasons that the review is delayed; Due to the battery pads, I was under the impression that the Split could be powered directly by a 1S LiPo. I thought I could test it out, and provide dash cam footage, before finding the perfect frame. Turns out it's a 4.2v Li-Ion battery that is supported.

For now this is just an un-boxing, the full review will follow soon...

Purchase the updated RunCam Split V2 here -  https://goo.gl/w1u99x
And pre-order the new RunCam Split Mini here -  https://goo.gl/97EmrV

The RunCam Split

If you haven't heard about the Split yet, I have to ask; 
“Where you have been for the last 6 months!?” 
RunCam arguably revolutionized the FPV camera industry, with the introduction of a micro FPV camera that also doubles as an HD action camera all weighing just 22g. While this isn't an original idea, this was the first time that the separate DVR module was sized to fit in the standard 30.5 x 30.5mm stack, also none of the other solutions provided such a high quality camera with a wide dynamic range to deal with the quickly changing lighting conditions that come from flying FPV. The Split also comes with an optional WiFi module which you can connect to the board, to wirelessly retrieve your video footage without having to remove the (min - Class 10, 32Gb max) micro SD card.

Anyway, on with the un-boxing...

The Split arrived safely in an undamaged, nicely finished heavy duty cardstock box with the RunCam logo on the front and back. The stickers used for the QR code, and those to hold the box closed, all feature RunCams quitessential orange. The logo on the top of the box is shown along with the slogan; “Born for RC fanatics”. I'm happy to say that my (no longer) “newborn” RunCam has found it's target in this RC fanatic!

The camera and the DVR board are well protected by the black sponge foam inside the box, there is also a piece of the same foam glued to the underside of the lid, ensuring that the camera and board are fully surrounded. If I had a Lamborghini it wouldn't be orange, so opted for the Black camera, but I reckon the traditional Orange camera would have contrasted well against the black foam protection.

Provided are 2 different mounts for the camera and the requisite screws, nuts and bolts for each. There are also a 2 sets of M3 nylon standoffs to mount the board, one is 8mm and the other 6mm, based on this, the DVR board could take up to 15mm of vertical space in the stack. The PCB itself is 1mm thick and the components on the board make it 9.5mm at its thickest, and it measures 37mm (including buttons and the protrusion of the micro USB port) x 38mm.

Crashing, and crashing hard is an unavoidable part of the hobby, so RunCam have protected the camera well with an aluminium housing, and the lens is replaceable, so even if you do damage it, at under $15 you can fit another, without breaking the bank. Many FPV pilots have opted for a lens with a slightly lower FOV, the stock 140 degree wide angle can make it difficult to keep the props and even the frame out of shot. This difficulty is compounded by the live FPV only supporting a 4:3 image ratio, and not the 16:9 widescreen of the captured HD footage, so you might not be able to see the props in your goggles but your Youtube viewers will see them in the HD video you upload!

RunCam Split Version 2

As I mentioned the RunCam Split has been updated with a version 2 which has addressed a few issues raised by the community - such as the SD card ejecting in a crash, restrictive 5v only input voltage, and installing a Go-Pro (RC25G) lens on the updated version as standard. The V2 has a new SD card slot with an additional plate to eliminate accidental ejection, there is a voltage regulator so you can now provide up to 4S battery voltage directly, and a revamped WiFi connection point.

RunCam Split Mini

The Split Mini is the newest addition to the RunCam range, and has been designed with the micro (<3") quad in mind, but it could still see good use, minimizing weight in larger models too. Instead of the 30.5 x 30.5mm mounting pattern of the original versions, this little camera has 2 PCB's with a 20 x 20mm mounting pattern making it ideal for smaller builds. It is worth mentioning, that even though it uses 2 boards, together, they are only 2mm thicker than the original DVR board. Measuring 11mm, the Mini's stack might have trouble fitting in a very small 2" frame, but there should be room in most 3" quads. The Mini is missing 1 or 2 of the features of its bigger brothers, such as the dedicated audio processor (there is still a microphone, but it only records with the HD footage and does not transmit with FPV feed)  and the WiFi module, otherwise it provides almost identical specs to the Split Version 2, but it  is almost 11g lighter.

Despite the amount of time it has taken for me to finally pass this minimal information on the Split to you guys, Sandra has still kindly offered to provide a Split Mini for me to review... Considering I have a 3" Furibee X140 fitted with a clone of the Swift Micro (which has the same mounting as the Split mini) and just enough room in the stack, I might just have to take her up on it. Watch this space..!
Windless fields and smokeless builds
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Sorry Oscar, I forgot you have already done one on the forum!
Windless fields and smokeless builds
(13-Jan-2018, 10:06 AM)Tom BD Bad Wrote: Sorry Oscar, I forgot you have already done one on the forum!

No worries, I would love to hear your opinion anyway :Big Grin
The V2 is basically still the V1 with some external changes, so your thoughts can still be valuable to them.
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