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Runcam Sparrow
A new micro FPV camera from Runcam, which looks like it's their smallest yet... 1 gram lighter than the micro swift v2 and 2mm shorter on the lens side makes the dimensions 19mm x 19mm x 17mm. 

The main differences between this one and the micro swift -
It live streams a 16x9 aspect ratio image.
Uses a 1/3" CMOS sensor which provides 700TVL rather than the Sony Super HAD II CCD 1/3" with 600TVL offered by the swift.
It has 'proper' Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) system rather than the Digital WDR (D-WDR) of the swift.
The 2.1mm lens of the Sparrow gives an FOV of 145 degrees, while not as wide as the 160 degree provided by the 2.1mm lens of the swift, the 16x9 aspect ratio should feel wider, and eliminate any 'fish-eye' distortion. 
The electronic shutter speed has been dropped from the swift's 1/50 to 1/25 on PAL and the NTSC specs drop from 1/60 to 1/30 which may slightly degrade image clarity while flying at high speed.
The 'Auto Gain' now has 3 settings, over the fully automatic gain setting, to help deal with high contrasting colours in well lit areas.
The working voltage remains the same from 5v - 36v input, but the power consumption has increased ever so slightly from 60mA to 70mA @ 12v and from 130mA to 170mA @ 5v.

Release date of the RunCam Sparrow is expected to be this Friday (15/09/17) with a retail price of $29.99

Edit to add : Oscar's review
Windless fields and smokeless builds
Hmmm.... this sensor looks decidedly 4:3 shaped:

So I'd expect a lack of vertical field of view, just like most 16:9 cameras which crop the 16:9 image from a 4:3 sensor.

I don't really understand why they would reduce the minimum shutter speed to half of the interlaced frame rate, but unless you are flying in something approaching the minimum 0.01 LUX illumination level, it's never going to drop that low anyway.
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